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With all of the craziness going on, I feel obligated to make sure all of our customers know exactly where we stand. 

Lovely Gowns is a BLACK and WOMAN owned business. I understand that by skimming through our website, it is a bit hard to tell. The lack of representation on our website bothers me. The lack of representation with almost ANY vendor I find, bothers me. While I was not in a position to take charge and make a change at first, we are now & we plan to host plenty of photoshoots to fully represent my Black sisters! 

The lack of representation is only the beginning of the struggles that we as Black people face on the daily basis. We are often treated like the bottom of the barrel due to racism and it is very unjust and unfair. 

To keep things very sweet and to the point, Lovely Gowns fully supports the #BlackLivesMatters movement and any movement that fights for the rights and equality of Black people. All lives simply cannot matter, until Black lives matter! We understand that not everyone agrees with that statement, and it is ok. We wish the best to any of our customers who feel they can no longer support us because of our stance, and that is ok.

With that being said, we love each and every one of our customers and we hope you all continue to fight the good fight.



Brandi G. 

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