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"Why do you have so many sales?"

I'm 1000% sure this question pops up all the time from  my following. Well, we have so many sales simply because we can! Yes, this may sound a little "cocky", but trust me, it is not. I say it in the most humbling manner. 

Lovely Gowns was created to provide women of all ages and sizes an AFFORDABLE option to looking and feeling fabulous. 11 years ago, I was a high school senior searching for my perfect prom dress. I was a broke high school senior, searching for a beautiful prom dress. I seen all the options online, went to plenty of bridal and formal shops, looked through all of the catalogs, and was not lucky enough to find an affordable and beautiful gown to my standards. Luckily, I came across a store, All The Rage in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that allowed payment plans on your gown of choice. Even then, my prom gown was still pretty pricey and luckily my parents worked together to pay it off. I was able to get my hair done for free from a friend who also accompanied me, and luckily I had already owned a pair of heels that matched the gown. I also had another friend who did my make up as well for free. While I am grateful for everything those people pulled it all together to me, I was so upset at my gown choice. I was upset that I was subjected to the gown I purchased because it was the only price efficient gown. Prom is such a big milestone in a woman's life, and the dress is what matters the most. Over dramatic? Maybe. But all young adults shouldn't have to feel like they aren't wealthy enough to look and feel their absolute best going to an event they have been looking forward to!

This, among so many other personal stories, is why we have so many sales and active discounts. Yes, I would love to make a big profit, and with most of our sales, I do. But, I much rather be the person to help that blossoming young adult close out her high school career feeling and looking her very best. I much rather be the person who was able to provide a financial break to the mom who is always putting her family or work first and just want a night out. I much rather be the person who gave that active duty service(WO)men/active duty spouse the opportunity to get their gown at the price they DESERVE for their military ball without worrying about being overcharged because of their title! And this is all simply because I was all of these people who I aspire to cater to.

So with that being said, enjoy our "Pop Up Sale" event until February 29, 2020, and stay tuned for our next sale. Our Pop Up Sale events will be just that, a pop up! It will be unexpected and random, so be sure to follow our social media pages and sign up for our mailing list to be notified everytime.


As always, With Much Love,

Brandi G.

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