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To All of our Loyal Customers,

APOLOGIZE!!!!!! We have been gone way too long, and it is completely unacceptable! I can give plenty of excuses as to why, but that would be nothing more than just that, EXCUSES!....and who wants those?! The proper way for me to acknowledge this is to simply say I, Brandi Gaye, abandoned Lovely Gowns as soon as the going got tough. Yes, I have been battling a lot with our recent family move, getting back into the working world, and being a mother but that is no excuse to put my baby on the back burner! So to you all and the company itself, I apologize! Running a business is tough work, and only the hungry survive! It was easier for me to run away instead of face this head on. While it took me some time to finally come to the realization, I am here to tell you all, WE ARE BACK

To come back, i had to make plenty of changes, some that will not be a favorite to a lot of you. But these changes are necessary this company! From here on out Lovely Gowns will focus on what it was originated for....GOWNS! While i love and admire everything about the fashion world, Lovely Gowns was created to provide inexpensive gowns to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to feel at their best. I got so far off track trying to do way too much that i forgot about Lovely Gowns. So Lovely Apparel will be discontinued. Later down the line i have every intention to bring Lovely Apparel back and on its own leg, not piggybacking off Lovely Gowns. But that is very far in the future, and announcements will be made.

On to the next issue. I understand that we have a lack of plus size options. This is an issue that i am steadily working on. I will not rest until i find the perfect vendor for our plus size QUEENS! The only thing i ask is that before writing us off, please take your measurements and compare them to our charts. Each gown has its own measurement chart, and you will be surprise to know that your measurement may actually be a match. If you have any problems with measuring, please contact me and i will offer help. 

We will also start offering accessories for your event, such as shoes, jewelry and shawls. This will be a big step and will take time to develop, so announcements on that will be made the closer we get to closing that development. 

In conclusion, again, i apologize for the delay, and promise to get back on the grind to be here for you, my LOVELY customers! I love and appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. WE ARE BACK BABY!



Brandi G.

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