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Brandi Gaye Black Friday updates

Hi again! 

For the last month, I have put my very all into making over the site. I am not sure why you all let me get away with what it was before. I mean, it was a complete lazy mess! But I sat down and said to myself, "Sis, you need to really build this brand." And so that is what I did. I calculated every move before making them, which is my biggest problem, because I normally don't. I wrote down everything I felt needed to be upgraded. We are no longer in the beginning stages okay! We have been here for three years, I most certainly needed to get my shit (excuse me while i be human) together and act like I knew it! I started this business to help women feel lovely, to help them feel like the QUEEN that they are, and I totally neglected it. So, after a few nights of planning and wine, here we are with a new look. A new boss tone, and a brand new ATTITUDE.

In the planning days, along with many other things (which will drop one by one), one of my biggest and most important upgrades I felt were needed was our Gowns! Meaning, I had to really sit and ask myself, "Sis what would you wear? Would you wear these gowns?" And to be 100% honest, I had not posted anything I was over the moon about. SMH, definitely not the right approach. How am I going to sell these gowns to yall, if I'm not even selling them to myself? And this is in no way throwing any shade to my beginning vendor. I am very grateful for them. I wouldn't have been this far had I not had them to start me off, and trust me I am not an easy customer. I am beyond humble and will still continue to use them. ...but they were not MY style. So the search for new vendors and gowns began. After a few more long nights, I found some great ones, with some stellar gowns, and I mean, I am ready to literally spend my all on every last gown I posted in our new Black Friday Collection (clickable link).

This brings me to the collection. After carefully picking these gowns, and literally writing down everything I wanted moving forward, It was time to execute! Luckily for me the timing was perfect, and lined up with Black Friday, because yall was going to get a sale either way as I introduced our new look and new transition. This collection is literally my baby. All of my hard work, blood, sweat and tears wholeheartedly went into this. Why 35? I spent 35 days making this new transition. So I feel I need to at least treat myself with making a sale for each day.  With these gowns I know I can make 35 sales. I am confident, I believe in it, and I trust in it. So here we are on the quest for 35! 

For my past/active customers, thank you, for sticking it out with me. You guys push me so hard to make this better. Yall literally go so hard for me. From the referrals to even making me aware of what needs to change or be fixed on the website, I cannot even explain how much i appreciate and need all of it. For my new customers, thank you for putting your trust in me. Trust me, I do this for yall and I wouldn't trade any of it.

With all of that being said, help a friend, tell a friend. If you know anybody who need a gown for any occasion, send them to me. You already know they will be taken care of. 

Shop our new collection, The Black Friday Collection (clickable link), all gowns in it are 25% off and have free shipping, and you may or may not receive a free gift with your purchase....


Stay Lovely, Live Lovely.

Brandi G. 


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  • Jess on

    Of course I’m going to drive traffic over here. I love watching you grow and I’ll be very much waiting for the new things to drop. Keep growing!

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