(Gown shown: Boa Cocktail Dress)

Lovely Gowns was established in December 2017. I, Brandi (the owner), have always had a deep love and passion for formal wear. I remember in my younger years looking through many prom catalogs, then in my teenage/high school years attempting to design my own prom gown, then later own in my adult years looking through bridal gown catalogs and even going so far to trying some on without a wedding in sight. I literally look forward to any and every event that required formal wear, thus how Lovely Gowns came about.
Lovely Gowns was created with YOU in mind. We were created to provide luxurious formal gowns, at the most affordable price that we can provide. We know how important it is to look great at any special occasion. We also know how hard it is to find high fashion with an affordable price tag. We are here to combine the two! While we are a small business, we have BIG dreams for our growth. We take pride in providing nothing but the best quality gowns on the market. We are always looking for the newest trends and are always searching for quality vendors to provide for women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We also take pride in providing top of the line customer service. We understand how stressful it can get to be a woman, because we are a women ran business. We understand how hard it is to find beautiful gowns that make you feel sexy, confident and fierce, and we also understand how stressful it can become on your wallets. Trust us, we have your back 100%. We are here to provide you with beautiful gowns with the price you deserve.
So go ahead, TREAT YOURSELF, because after all you DESERVE it. Take a look on the website, and make sure to always check back as we consistently update our inventory.  
Thank You and Happy Shopping.
-Brandi G.